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New Zealand Immigration

New Zealand is an ideal place to settle - it is a land of opportunity and one of the most sought after destinations by skilled migrants looking to immigrate. The country has a low corruption ratio and beautiful and as per the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations popularly known as ANZSCO the demand for Engineers is high and a candidate fitting the profile can easily immigrate to New Zealand.

Known as one of the most beautiful, pristine countries in the entire world, New Zealand hosts some of the most breathtaking scenery imaginable. From seaside locations with crystal clear waters and abundant shore side wildlife to snow-capped alpine vistas, the possibilities are virtually endless. Native New Zealanders take great pride in their country, and do all they can to preserve the natural beauty there. The great cliff tops of the country beacon visitors to climb to the top, while lakeside locations invite you to take a cool dip in the crisp, clean water.

There are many reasons to consider purchasing properties in New Zealand, both for personal and for business purposes. When in comes to scenic locations, properties in New Zealand are highly competitive. Tenants of the country have a greater resource for obtaining a positive cash flow, unlike Australia, which allows tenants to repay their mortgages quickly. In the larger sized towns and cities, there is a good demand for quality rental properties. Non-residents are only required to pay down 10%-20% on any bank or financial institution loans when it is to be used for the purchase of a property, which means that buyers can obtain 80%, to as high as 90%, financing. New Zealand does not charge any land taxes, there is low population growth, and the price of airfares to and from the country are competitively low. Finally, there are no stamp duties, there are low registration and legal fees, and low deposit amounts receive favorable exchange rates. For all of these reasons, investing in a retirement, family, or holiday property in New Zealand is a wise choice.

Skilled Migrant Category (SMC)

There are a number of 'pathways' that you can take to qualify for and obtain a residence visa in New Zealand which will offer you the opportunity to live and work permanently in the country.

You will need to meet specific requirements for your occupation, skills, qualification, health, and character.

The Skilled Migrant Category (SMC) applies to applicants who are

  • Aged 55 or under
  • Healthy and of good character
  • Able to speak English

Immigration New Zealand uses a 'points system' to assess an applicant's eligibility to be invited to apply for residence. Points are awarded for your age, work experience, employability, and qualifications. Before applying for Residence under the Skilled Migrant Category, you are required to complete an application for an 'Expression of Interest' (EOI). There is a selection process involved which takes place fortnightly. If your EOI is successful, you will then be 'Invited to Apply for Residence'.

Expression of interest is submitted by the applicant to claim points - only if the applicant is able to secure more than 100 points the application will enter the EOI pool. Applications with score of 160 or more get selected first. The EOI application is valid for 6 months and if the application is not selected within 6 months it will lapse.

The New Zealand immigration authority verifies the detail and if they find it credible they share an Invitation to Apply. On receipt of the invitation the applicant has to submit relevant documents to successfully complete the process.

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