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Canada Immigration

Immigration to Canada from India finds its roots in the history, when the first Punjabi Sikh family migrated to Canada and got settled and merged with Canadian environment and society. Since, then thousands of families and individuals have migrated to Canada for Employment, study, business or tourism, etc. It's basically an all win situation, where, at one end, thousands of people from India, immigrate to Canada and find employment, better life, government benefits, services and facilities, on the other end, the Canadian government gets the advantage, as the Indo-Canadians here join the workforce, help combat the skill shortage, pay taxes, and play a part in Canadian economy by increasing productivity, buying houses, using transport or by purchasing goods, etc.

If you are in India and wish to immigrate to Canada, there are a range of immigration programs available to apply for the temporary or permanent residency visa in Canada, such as, Federal Express Entry System , QSWP (Quebec Skilled Workers Program) of Quebec Province, and various other PNPs (Provincial Nominee Programs) However, most of the Canadian immigration programs are point based, hence, you need to make sure that you meet the eligibility criteria for these programs and score the sufficient points, based on your profile details, i.e. Education, Work Experience, Language Proficiency, etc. to qualify for particular immigration system or program. Check the Canada Immigration Options here, to find different means and programs to immigrate to Canada.

How APEX is the best consultant to move Canada?

If you are looking to immigrate to Canada from India, the APEX is certainly one of the best immigration support and assistance agencies available to you. With its huge experience in Canada Immigration programs and procedures, APEX plays a role of your best mentor, guide, and support for a hassle free immigration to Canada.

The Immigration Experts at APEX have got the comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the various Canadian Immigration Programs and Visa Categories. Once you contact APEX for Canada Immigration, you are assured of getting the key services, i.e. Application pre-assessment, visa application filing, Documentation Assistance, Letter Drafting, Visa Application follow up with authorities, and overall guidance with regard to Canadian Immigration Process and settlement aspects.

Immigration and related contexts a pleasant and happy venture.
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Find out how to come to Canada

The right Canadian immigration program for you will depend on your qualities, your goals, and your particular situation.

Skilled Worker

These programs are based on the candidate's age, education, work experience, and other factors.

Family Class Sponsorship

These programs allow individuals with close relatives in Canada to be sponsored for immigration.

Investors and Entrepreneurs

These programs may interest candidates with a significant net worth and business experience.

Canadian Experience Class

This program aims to encourage those with study or skilled, professional or technical work experience in Canada to immigrate permanently.

Provincial Nominee Program

Canadian provinces and territories can nominate individuals who wish to immigrate to Canada and who are interested in settling in a particular province or territory.